The Bible is a book that deals with the physical and spiritual dimensions of time and space and many of the things that concern communications and interactions between them. Much of this information is extremely important to the Father's elect children who will  live during the last few years before Christ's return because of the increased number and activity  of evil spirits who will inhabit the earth at that time and because these spirits intend to destroy the elect of God. Therefore, it is vitally important for the elect children of God to know and understand something about the communications and interactions between these two dimensions of existence in order to discern when these communications and  interactions are taking place and who or what is causing them.

In today's world as in past ages, there are many people who have the ability to communicate and interact  with the spirit dimension of time and space.  This communication and interaction falls into two categories:


Normally when people think of communicating with God, they think of prayer. Although prayer is a way to communicate with God, prayer is a one way communication and, sometimes, one must wait a considerable length of time in order to determine the outcome of one's prayer. However, the Bible documents other forms of communication with God that are two way communications in which there is an immediate response from God. There are also many methods by which God initiates a communication with people in order to give them knowledge, insight, understanding, or instructions.

The following are some of the ways that the Creator God communicated with people.

The following are some of the ways other than through prayer that God communicated with people after the advent of the Messiah:

Communication with the Sovereign God

There are a number of important foundational things that one should have firmly in mind about communication with the Sovereign God before continuing this study into communication with the spirit world:

1. Neither in the past nor today has the Sovereign God (God the Father) communicated with his children the same way as the Creator God (Jesus Christ) did. See Jn.1:18; 5:37; 14:13-14; 17:25-26; 1.Cor.15:24-28.

2. God the Father has delegated all power and authority in heaven and earth to Jesus Christ (1.Pet.3:22), including the care, protection, communication, and direction of his elect children.

3. From the creation of humanity until the gospel age, the Creator God who became Jesus Christ either personally communicated knowledge, insight, or the will of the Sovereign God (God the Father) and himself to people or he directed the method by which these communications were made.

4. Today, Jesus Christ either personally communicates knowledge, insight or the will of God the Father to people or he directs the method by which these communications are made.

5. Today, only the Father's elect children who have his holy spirit are allowed to communicate with him through the authority of Jesus Christ.

6. Today, as in the past, God reveals and communicate his knowledge and will to his people through physical as well as spiritual methods.

Editor's Note:

In both the Old and New Testaments there are many accounts that show  people using physical objects to communicate with the Creator God and God the Father for the purpose of  determining their  will in certain matters and communicating with spirit-being in physical and spirit form. See our studies that deal with the physical objects that were given to the people of God to allow them to establish two way communication with him, the danger of communication and interaction with evil spirits and evil influences, and how to test a spirit or spiritual influence to determine if it is good or evil.

By B.L Cocherell, file b8w16