Hopefully, this information will answer any questions you might have concerning the distribution and publication of our literature. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at Congregation of God, P.O. Box 2368 Pleasant Hill, CA 94523, USA.

Literature Distribution to Individuals:

Our policy is not to charge individuals for printed literature, because the knowledge and understanding contained in it was given to us free of charge (Matt.10:7-8). However, we cannot give what we do not have to give; therefore, our literature distribution policy is as follows:

Literature For Mass Distribution:

Large quantities of our books for mass distribution can be obtained by either of the following methods:


1. Purchase books at production, shipping, and handling costs by calling or writing to the printing company that is noted in each book.

2. A high quality camera ready copy of a book or article for printing at another geographical location can be obtained at production, shipping, and handling cost by writing to us. The only restriction we place on supplying camera ready copies is that our publications cannot be altered in any way without our prior written consent.