We need volunteers to translate the books.

Our goal is to translate all of our educational works into as many languages as possible in order to make them available for distribution through print, posting on the internet, and copying to CD or other electronic media or devices.

All of our books are offered only in English either in hard copies or in .pdf which can be downloaded free from our websites. However, we have requests for translations of our books in many languages, but are unable to do this ourselves because we are a small group of volunteers and none of us are fluent enough in another language to be able to translate our books, articles, and other documents.

Additionally, we do not have the funds to support volunteers or purchase equipment or software to help with the translation process.

Translators and copy editors must:

Ideally, the translation will be a team effort, which allows for a more accurate, efficient, and timely translation through the iteration process. This is the method we used to produce our books, articles, and other documents. The iteration process is composed of a team leader to coordinate the effort, and as many individuals as necessary to assure that the translation conforms to the original English document. Although both men and women can fulfill the function of a Translator and Copy Editor, the biblical principle of male leadership should be followed when choosing a team leader. Throughout the iteration process there must be close communication between all team members in order for the process to go smoothly and in a timely manner.

We suggest that the following process be used to translate our educational works:

The following are suggestions for sharing the translation once it is finished:

If you have other ideas on getting the translation to others, feel free to use them and share your ideas with us. We cannot distribute translations, but we can post links and information from our site.

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